Monday, May 27, 2013

BodySense Magazine - Spring edition

BodySense Spring 2013 

Hey Take 5 Bodywork Blog Readers!

Here is your copy of Body Sense magazine, courtesy of Take 5 Bodywork:

Body Sense provides valuable information about how to make bodywork a healthy part of your lifestyle.  Inside, you'll find a checklist for creating your perfect session; learn about relieving traumatic stress through bodywork; discover 5 herbs for improved health; and read about how to soak up massage's benefits even after the session ends.

I am excited to discuss any of the information you find inside, and happy to schedule your next appointment.

I hope you are finding value from my posts.   If there are particular topics of interest you would like me to share in the future, I'd love to have your feedback.


Suzanna Young, LMT
Owner, Take 5 Bodywork


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