Saturday, June 8, 2013

Lymphatic Drainage Proven Effective for Edema

The Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine posted an article proving the effectiveness of Lymphatic Drainage massage techniques on edema--including Lymphedema--of the extremities.

Often, as a result of surgery months or even years prior, patients will find themselves with disabling edema (swelling) of their arms or legs.  Additional surgical procedures aren’t consistently effective for reducing the swelling. 

This article relays encouraging results of reducing/eliminating such edema by correcting the underlying causes of vascular obstruction or insufficiency via specialized massage techniques, weight loss for those who may be obese, and selectively using diuretics and various forms of elastic or other compressive supports. 

Massage of posterior leg
Lymph Drainage effectively reduces post-surgical swelling.

Several clients who have received my Lymphatic Drainage Massage techniques have reported diminished swelling, pain relief, improved coordination and function in their afflicted limb, and feeling much more like “themselves” again. 

To boot, Lymphatic Drainage is a great way to keep your immune system functioning optimally

Take 5 Bodywork’s Lymphatic Drainage Massage is designed to remove toxins from the body that can cause a variety of symptoms and diseases.  This massage focuses largely on clearing and toning the digestive system, awakening lymph nodes to proper functioning, and reducing edema or water retention.  Energetic therapy is also utilized to support the body's processing of the work.  The Immune Booster Massage additionally incorporates other system-enhancing work including Reflexology and Acupressure. 

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