Monday, April 21, 2014

Warm Up Before Stretching

BEFORE STRETCHING, experts say it is best to WARM UP.

In so doing, we can avoid serious injury by helping to increase the body's core temperature, as well as of the specific muscles we want to lengthen. This helps loosen the muscles and makes them more supple and pliable, and thus more easily stretched.

A good warm-up is one that gets our heart and respiratory rates up (e.g., a few minutes on the elliptical machine or a couple sets of jumping jacks). If you're breathing is a bit more labored, your pulse a little quicker, and you've broken a light sweat, you've probably given yourself a good warm-up. What this does is increase blood flow that in turn delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the working muscles--great for prepping for stretching.

Now that you've warmed up and stretched your muscles, go for the gold with your approved exercise regimen. But don't forget to stretch after as well as part of your regular cool-down practice!

Here are a few stretches I like...

Thai Massage for passive stretching

Thai Massage is a form of passive stretching, where another person (or apparatus) assists us.  Thai Massage can help us attain a greater range of mobility and serve as an effective part of a rehabilitation program or post-sports cool-down. 


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Take 5 Bodywork in Santa Barbara, CA