Sunday, January 19, 2014

Trigger Points, Posture Can Lead to Headaches

More research shows that trigger points, posture, and low pain threshold are linked to tension-type headaches.  What does this mean?

If you are a person who gets headaches, muscle-release techniques including massage, stretching, and hot baths or steam showers may be the answer to your prayers.  Check in with yourself to see if you feel any tension or "knots"--muscle contractions we call "trigger points."  How is your posture and your workplace ergonomics?  Have you been at the computer or reading with your neck crooked down for long periods of time?

Sometimes, despite my best efforts, I notice that my shoulders and neck simply will not, or at least do not feel comfortable, being in the "proper" postural positioning.  This is when I look to outside help, like chiropractic or massage therapy.

Massage therapy (see Take 5 Bodywork's Headache, Sinus, & TMJ Relief, Suzanna's Signature Massage, Sports Massage, or Deep Tissue) can address trigger points and muscle tension in the body, alleviating active and potential headaches and other dysfunction that can lead to greater pain and limited performance in your daily routine.

Additional Information and Steps to Take:

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